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Create a place they will remember.

Endless, high-design site furnishings to enhance the human experience

id created is a US-based company with exclusive rights to distribute products manufactured by Metalco within the United States + Canada. 

Located in Castelfranco, Italy,  Metalco is home to the founders Alfredo Tasca + Claudio Bertino, their families + expert craftsmen since 1984, producing an extensive range of street + outdoor furniture in over 60 countries world-wide.  

Metalco partners with the most reputable producers of raw materials, never compromising on quality + environmental integrity.   Their 270,000 sf factory is 100% solar powered, generating enough energy to support their surrounding community.

Metalco is passionately dedicated to the principles of social design, empowering + inspiring each designer to consider the social impact of nurturing community, wellness + prosperity in their cities.

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